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Working languages:

Spanish, English, French, Valencian/Catalan
BA in English Philology and Translation and Interpreting (First Class Honours) from Jaume I University. He completed his training in interpretation at the Heriot-Watt University.

After several years teaching in the UK, in 2003 he started his career as a translator and interpreter in the world of cinema.

He has been a professor of Simultaneous Interpretation and Audiovisual Translation at the European University of Valencia. His extensive experience as an interpreter has allowed him to travel far afield and work in a wide variety of areas (medicine, law, international cooperation, architecture and ITC, among others). He combines his work as an interpreter and translator with his love for creative writing.

Working languages:

Spanish, English, German, French, Valencian/Catalan
BA in Translation and Interpretation from Jaume I University, where he also studied a Postgraduate Course in Translation of Medical Texts.

European Master in Conference Interpreting from the University of La Laguna (EMCI).

After the years of training, he works as a freelance conference interpreter for a wide variety of clients. He has been a professor of Consecutive Interpretation and General Translation at the Jaume I University. He specializes in medicine, labour law and music, and has experience in other areas such as politics, international relations and agriculture, among others. He combines his work with his two great passions: music and photography.

Demonstrated experience

In 2010 Fabián López Martínez and Jaime Roda Bruce joined María Rodrigo Stinus (who is currently working at the ILO in Geneva) to create Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions with the aim of offering simultaneous interpretation services of the highest quality adapted to the needs of the client.

Their experience includes interpreting personalities such as Barack Obama, Ban Ki Moon, Christine Lagarde, Nicolas Sarkozy, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Artur Mas, Joan Ribó, Mónica Oltra, Mohan Munasinghe (Nobel Peace Prize), Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize in Economics), Jean Tirole (Nobel Prize in Economics), Guy Ryder (ILO Director General), Vincent Cassel, Arsène Wenger, Naomi Klein,  Susan George or Federico Mayor Zaragoza, among others.

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