Simultaneous Interpreting Solutions

A good interpreting service is crucial to the success of any meeting or conference involving communication between speakers of different languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting Solutions (SIS) is a team of highly qualified professional interpreters with extensive experience in all kinds of subjects and contexts.

The reliability of our services and our deep commitment to each assignment are key elements of our work.

We know that our efficiency, professionalism and savoir-faire are essential for our clients’ image.

SIS offers solutions in any kind of interpretation, technical services and translations. We adapt to the specific needs of each client to provide the ideal solution.

Customers praise our services

“Excellent service providers. 100% recommendable.”

Tamara Laguna

BNI España CNM

“The Polytechnic Foundation of Valencia has worked with SIS on several occasions. They deliver high quality services. Interpreters are totally committed. They offer an excellent personalized attention and their work is flawless. We are grateful to have a supplier that never sees any problems and always offers solutions.”

Luz Martínez

Antiguos Alumnos UPV

“200% excellency. I worked with them on one occasion and despite the difficulty of the assignment, they managed it with ease. We worked with a numerous and very demanding consular corps, which included several events that took place over the course of two days. We organised an informal interpreting service during a meal, in addition to a formal simultaneous interpreting service for a meeting in the Lonja (a 15th century World Heritage Site). They took care of everything and offered us a flawless turn-key service! Effective and at affordable prices”

Daniel Arnal

Agencia Valenciana de Turismo

“We hired the services of SIS for 3XDOC, Encuentro de Creadores, where they provided consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The interpreters did a great job and allowed the speakers to express themselves fluently and connect with the audience. We later counted on them for some translation and subtitling assignments. It is a pleasure to work with them, for the quality of their work and their readiness to help.”

Rocío Cabrera

DOCMA Asociación de Cine Documental

Interpreting modes

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreters work in soundproof booths and the audience listens to them through headphones.

This is the mode used most often at conferences.

It allows simultaneous work with multiple languages, therefore saving time.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreters are in the main room, they take notes and interpret the speech during pauses in the speaker’s presentation.

It is suitable for assignments such as press conferences, short presentations and formal events.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter facilitates communication between small groups of people.

It is used in events such as business meetings, informal gatherings and interviews.

Whispered interpreting

Adequate technical means are essential for your event to run smoothly.

Sound equipment

Adequate technical means are essential for your event to run smoothly. We provide advise and arrange the hiring of:

  • Sound systems
  • Simultaneous interpreting booths
  • Headphones for the audience
  • Micorphones
  • Portable equipment

Please feel free to request an estimate


SIS is at your disposal for the translation of any materials related to your event:

  • Power Point presentations
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Documents
  • Meeting minutes
  • Publications

Other kinds of translations, even if unrelated to your conference, can also be undertaken by SIS.


Leave your event in the hands of true professionals,

we will take care of everything.