Simultaneous Interpreters in Madrid

Simultaneous Translation in Madrid

Simultaneous Translation in Madrid

SIS Intérpretes is a team of highly qualified conference interpreters with extensive experience in all kinds of subjects and contexts.

Our simultaneous interpreters have worked in the most diverse fields (medicine, law, politics, international cooperation, engineering, architecture, new technologies, economics, business, agriculture, media, etc.), and for the most prominent clients, including heads of state and Nobel Prize winners, which allows us to guarantee excellent quality interpretation services for all types of events.

If you are looking for interpreters in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact SIS. We will make a thorough analysis of your requirements to eliminate any unnecessary costs and offer you the best value for money on the market.

Simultaneous interpretation services in Madrid

SIS Interpreters offers interpreting services in Madrid in all languages and interpreting modalities: simultaneous (on-site and remote), consecutive, liaison and whispered.

In addition to the interpreters, we provide all the technical services you may need for the organization of conferences and events in Madrid. This includes the rental of simultaneous interpreting booths, headsets for the attendees, sound systems, portable simultaneous interpreting equipment (Infoport) and audiovisual equipment.

SIS Interpreters offers remote simultaneous interpretation services for virtual meetings and online conferences. We use platforms such as Zoom, Webex and Teams. We also provide simultaneous translation services for hybrid events, which combine the presence of participants on-site with virtual participation.

Language Interpreters in Madrid for Events

We provide conference interpreters for all types of events: international conferences, business meetings, corporate presentations, audits, seminars, courses, among others.

Our team of interpreters will be responsible for conveying the information faithfully and fluently between the different languages, to ensure that all participants can understand and actively participate in the event.

If you need an interpreter for an event in Madrid, please contact us and we will advise you on the most suitable interpreting solution for your needs.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services in Madrid
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